The Project

Project Description

GEEK4Food is a cross-sectoral initiative that leverages Artificial Intelligence and agile training programmes to upskill and reskill the food sector workforce. Our core mission is to transition the food system towards greater sustainability.

Despite abundant food supplies, challenges such as malnutrition and obesity persist, alongside environmental degradation. Initiatives like the European Green Deal signal the need for systemic changes, requiring new educational tools, and digital literacy.

GEEK4Food focuses on equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge required to foster industry-wide sustainable practices. The project was built on the firm belief that specialised education is key to making significant strides in food system sustainability.

Project Objectives

The GEEK4Food project aims to catalyse systemic change in the agri-food sector, aligned with the European Pact for Skills and the European Green Deal. Key objectives are:

  1. Predictive skill analytics: using AI to forecast essential green skills for a competitive, sustainable agri-food industry.
  2. 3P-G4F Platform: serving as a hub for stakeholders to conduct skill assessments, provide targeted training, and foster private-sector involvement.
  3. Pedagogical innovation: developing agile, future-focused educational models that meet sector-specific needs.
  4. Multi-stakeholder synergy: facilitating engagement among academia, industry, and policymakers for green workforce development.
  5. Policy impact: leveraging empirical data to inform multi-level policy initiatives that support the sector’s green transition.
  6. Sustainable growth: aligning skill development with sustainable practices to encourage long-term industry growth.

Through these focused objectives, GEEK4Food aims to equip the agri-food sector with vital skills, laying the groundwork for a sustainable future.

Project Impact

GEEK4Food aims for a multidimensional impact:

  • Research innovation: supporting EU policies through skill adaptability studies.
  • Business innovation and technology commercialisation: creating job opportunities and supporting new commercial avenues.
  • Social innovation: empowering individuals and organisations to actively participate in the green transition.
  • Educational innovation: improving training and educational offerings for the food sector.
  • Policy innovation: promoting cross-sectorial policy alignment and engaging stakeholders at various levels.

Project’s Work Packages

WP1 – Project Management and Coordination | University of Teramo, Italy

WP2 – GEEK4Food’s Skills Tool (GST-G4F) | SkyHive, Ireland

WP3 – 3P-G4F: Digital Ecosystem for Green Skills, Training and Knowledge Transfer | MILCOOP, Italy

WP4 – Innovative HE Tools and Methodologies for Developing Circular and Green Agri-Food Talent | Aarhus University, Denmark

WP5 – Teaching and Learning Activities to Boost a Green and Sustainable Food System | University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

WP6 – Impact and Policy Actions | Cassiopea, Italy

WP7 – Quality Assurance and Evaluation | University of Minho, Portugal

WP8 – Dissemination, Community Engagement and Exploitation | EIT Food, Belgium

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